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When it comes to managing your hearing loss, it’s important that you trust your care to a professional who truly cares and has the expertise to help you.

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At Nova Hearing Center, we are committed to helping patients like you experience the best, most affordable hearing possible. We're in this field because we love being able to help our local community. Our founder and owner, John Schaeffer, is a service-disabled veteran who knows firsthand what it's like to have hearing loss, and how difficult it can be to find people you can trust with your hearing.

We find it so rewarding when patients with new hearing aids come back and tell us the difference hearing has made for them. It's amazing to see the transformation that better hearing can have on someone’s life.

Why Choose Nova Hearing Center?

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  • We guarantee the lowest prices in the area. Because we are owned by a disabled veteran, we get discounts from hearing aid manufacturers that we can pass on directly to you. Plus, hearing evaluations are always free. If you purchase hearing aids from us then your adjustments, programming, and cleaning are all free for the life of the hearing aid.
  • We provide the highest standard of care. We have been in your shoes and we will always provide the best customer service. We take the time to do things right and make sure you feel comfortable. Your satisfaction is important to us, we want you to enjoy wearing your hearing aids.
  • Patients refer their friends and family to us. Referrals are the highest form of praise. It’s how we know we're doing things right. Our patients appreciate that they can trust us.
  • Our hearing evaluations are extremely thorough. Our hearing evaluation always includes a multi-part test, and we will even give supplemental tests if we think it would help you.
  • We believe in honesty, openness, and integrity. We explain everything, from the basics of hearing loss to the pros and cons of each hearing aid we recommend to you.
  • We depend on real-ear verification. Not all clinics take this extra step, but it's the only way to truly know if your hearing aids are working as well as they should be.

What to Expect

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  • We begin the appointment with a conversation to get to know you. We need to understand what you want out of hearing aids and your usual listening environments.
  • We will look inside your ears for earwax accumulation and anything medical that might be causing hearing loss. If anything looks abnormal, we'll refer you to a specialist who can help solve your problem.
  • Then we'll begin the hearing testing. Our hearing evaluation process is extremely thorough. We offer air and bone conduction tests as well as supplemental hearing testing, such as speech comprehension, based on what we’ve learned about you. The hearing evaluation is easy and painless and should only take about 20-30 minutes.
  • Next, we go over your results by showing you your audiogram (a visual representation of your hearing loss). This lets us easily walk you through what we've learned about your hearing loss, and helps us to understand what might have caused it.
  • If it looks like hearing aids would help you, we will recommend which hearing aids we think would be a good fit based on what you’ve told us about your hearing needs and the results of your hearing test. We always give options at different price points so you can determine what is right for you and your budget. Once you've made a decision, we'll order your hearing aids and schedule a fitting when they arrive.
  • If you're not ready to purchase hearing aids, we won't pressure you, because we're not focused on the sale. But we will keep in touch in case you need anything for your hearing later.

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