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Premium Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids are an investment and an opportunity to truly change your life. They are small, powerful computers that do so much more than just amplify the sound around you. You need to know you're getting your money's worth and that you will be satisfied with your hearing aids. In addition, you need to be confident that the person fitting you with hearing aids has the skills to do it effectively. At Nova Hearing Center, we take extra steps to ensure that we do it right, from our thorough testing process to the real-ear verification we use. Our goal is to fit you with hearing aids that will serve you well for years to come.

Hearing Aid Brands

As an independent hearing aid practice, we aren't limited to a single hearing aid manufacturer. Instead, we have the freedom to pick and choose based on what's best for our patients. We work with the five biggest hearing aid brands: Oticon, Resound, Signia, Starkey, and Widex. Our loyalty is with our patients, not with a brand. By carrying hearing aids from all of these manufacturers we're able to choose from a wider range of possibilities to find the right fit for you.

Each brand has its strengths and who it's best for. Altogether, that means there's something available to help just about everyone. Our particular favorites right now are:

  • Oticon: They specialize in tackling difficult technical problems, such as extreme high-frequency loss. Oticon is best for patients who don't mind a little up-front learning, they feature more advanced technology for a better hearing experience.
  • Signia: We've been working with them since the beginning, so we know their products in and out. They offer great audio quality that many of our patients love.
  • Starkey: The only manufacturer based in the U.S., they have a lot of options that are technologically advanced and effective.

Oticon at Nova Hearing Center Signia at Nova Hearing Center Starkey at Nova Hearing Center

The Best Hearing Aids For You

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You might be wondering what the best hearing aids are. All of the hearing aids we carry are excellent, but they may not be the right choice for you. We personalize our recommendations for you the same way we personalize the fitting of the actual hearing aids. We consider:

  • Your hearing loss: This lets us know what type of hearing aid you need in order to hear better.
  • Your hearing aid history: Have you worn hearing aids before? If you have a preference already, we'll try to fit you with hearing aids you're comfortable with.
  • Your lifestyle needs: We don't want to undersell you hearing aids that don't address your challenges, and we don't want to oversell you hearing aids that have features you don't need. During your evaluation, we'll get to know you so we understand what you do in your daily life and where you need help hearing.
  • Your budget: We understand that hearing aids are an investment, so we’ll work with your budget to get you hearing your best.

We always recommend hearing aids on a three-tier system of "good," "better," and "best." All the hearing aids we suggest will address your needs, but having options will make it easier to select something budget-friendly. You may have to choose between extra features or lower costs, but we will walk you through what each hearing aid has to offer. We are here to answer all of your questions.

Remember that if you choose one set of hearing aids but change your mind about them within the first 30 days, we can try a different pair to see if they work better for you.

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