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For years, those with deafness in a single ear have been forced to deal with a one-sided fitting of hearing instruments. This is an OK solution for many patients, but can be a struggle for others, as a one-sided fit cause cause serious problems with directionality. Often times, people with a single hearing aid have to turn their head or sit strategically to maximize their limits with directionality. In worst case scenarios, people with a one-sided fit may hear reasonably, but have no clue where the sound is coming from.

In the last decade, the hearing aid industry has come up with a new solution for those dealing with deafness on a single side!

CROS and biCROS systems are designed for individuals with complete deafness on one ear, and lesser or no impairment on the other ear. CROS stands for "Contra-lateral (opposite side) Routing of Sound". When patients use a CROS transmitter on the bad ear, the incoming sound will be recorded on the bad side, but then directly routed over to the better ear. This will allow both sides to be funneled to the good ear, so sound can be heard in all directions, just like normal hearing.

Here at Nova Hearing Center, our Signia Nx line has CROS and biCROS solutions available at multiple price points for those who have had limited success with a single-sided fit.


Single Side Deafness- CROS and biCROS

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