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Discover Unparalleled Clarity with Unitron Hearing Aids

Elevate your hearing experience to extraordinary heights with Unitron hearing aids, where innovation meets sophistication to transform your auditory journey. Designed for those who demand excellence, Unitron hearing aids are more than just a device; they are your gateway to a world of crystal-clear sounds, tailored specifically to your hearing needs.

Features That Set Unitron Apart:

  • Personalized Hearing Experience: With Unitron, you're not just getting a hearing aid; you're getting a bespoke auditory experience. Our cutting-edge technology adapts to your environment, ensuring optimal hearing in any situation—be it a quiet conversation at home or the bustling sounds of the city.

  • Sleek and Comfortable Design: Forget everything you thought you knew about hearing aids. Unitron devices are crafted with elegance and comfort in mind, boasting a sleek, barely-there profile that lets you wear them with confidence all day long.

  • Rechargeable Convenience: Embrace the future with our rechargeable models that offer a full day's power on a single charge. Say goodbye to the hassle of battery replacements and hello to uninterrupted hearing.

  • Connectivity at Your Fingertips: Stay connected to the sounds that matter the most. Whether it's streaming music, taking calls, or watching TV, Unitron hearing aids connect seamlessly to your favorite devices, ensuring you're always in the loop.

  • Robust Support Network: Your journey to better hearing is supported every step of the way. With Unitron, you gain access to a global network of hearing professionals dedicated to ensuring your utmost satisfaction and comfort.

Why Choose Unitron?

Choosing Unitron means opting for a life where limitations are lifted, and sounds are savored. Whether you're experiencing hearing loss or seeking to enhance your auditory environment, Unitron hearing aids offer a solution that blends advanced technology with effortless style. Experience the difference today and step into a world where every sound is a symphony.


Embrace the Sound of Life with Unitron.

Order now and discover why Unitron is the preferred choice for discerning listeners worldwide. Your journey towards impeccable hearing starts here.

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Consumer Affairs

Unitron’s 20 models and multiple technology levels give customers a wide array of options. Unitron hearing aids include receiver-in-canal, behind-the-ear and in-the-ear models. After visiting an audiologist, customers can test out any Unitron hearing aid for 30 to 60 days with the FLEX:TRIAL program. All Unitron hearing aids come with telecoil technology and a 3-year warranty.



I got my first Unitron BTE hearing aid in 2007 for the right ear and one for the left ear the following year. I have been using them for the past 15-16 years without any problems from day one. Maybe I have to replace them, but if they work, why change. Am I one of the lucky users?” – Cilliers V., June 4, 2022


Consumers Advocate

Unitron is a Canadian manufacturer of hearing aids. The company markets its products worldwide and is a subsidiary of Sonova, a Swiss firm. Its products includes in-the-ear (ITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE) designs. They are sold only through hearing professionals.

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Hearing Research

Overall, Unitron hearing aids are a great choice for anyone in need of a high-quality hearing solution. With a variety of types and features to choose from, you’re sure to find a hearing aid that meets your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a discreet option or a powerful hearing aid to help manage severe hearing loss, Unitron has you covered.

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