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Phonak Audeo Lumity R

Audéo Lumity focuses on giving you improved speech understanding with its unique Phonak SmartSpeech™ Technology so you can enjoy conversations in many challenging listening situations.

  • Easier hearing in many situations

  • Universal connectivity

  • Health data tracking

  • Disposable battery and rechargeable models 


Audéo Lumity

Fully immerse in conversations!

At Phonak, we know that hearing can be challenging in different situations. Conversations are at the heart of life, and being able to fully participate in them is like a spark of light in the dark. This is where Phonak Lumity really shines, because Lumity was designed to prioritize speech understanding, even in those difficult listening situations.

Evolution of speech understanding

Lumity has been trained with artificial intelligence-based machine learning to accurately identify and adjust to unique sound environments, so that you can fully immerse in conversations. Enjoy the benefits that this technology brings to you and your loved ones from the very first beginning, as 86% of HCPs believe Lumity hearing aids deliver a great first-fit experience.

Stays charged throughout the day!

Stay in charge of your hearing with a diverse range of Phonak hearing aids. You can now choose between disposable battery and rechargeable models. Our rechargeable solutions offer the convenience of hassle-free, long-lasting power.


For those who prefer disposable batteries, we have solutions with the same proven Lumity technology, allowing you to stay in charge of your hearing with the option that suits your lifestyle best.

phonak charger_edited_edited.png
phonak wet devices_edited.png

Waterproof* rechargeable hearing aid

Phonak Audéo Life™ Lumity is the second generation of the world’s first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid. Ideal hearing solution for anyone who has an active lifestyle and puts their hearing aids to the test:

  • Waterproof*

  • Sweatproof

  • Health data tracking**

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