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The Oticon Zircon 2 R is a cutting-edge hearing aid designed to revolutionize the way users experience sound. Engineered for exceptional sound quality and clarity, this device ensures users can enjoy conversations, music, and ambient sounds in a wide range of environments with unparalleled precision. Featuring Oticon's latest technology, the Zircon 2 R offers a seamless, natural hearing experience, thanks to its advanced speech understanding capabilities and noise reduction system.

This model is rechargeable, eliminating the need for frequent battery changes and offering a full day's use on a single charge, including streaming from smartphones and TVs. Its sleek, discreet design ensures comfort for all-day wear while providing robust connectivity options, including Bluetooth for easy streaming from most devices.

With the Oticon Zircon 2 R, users gain access to the Oticon ON App, allowing personalized hearing settings and direct control over their hearing aid functions, making it easier than ever to adjust to different listening environments. This device is a perfect blend of innovation, functionality, and style, designed for those who seek the best in hearing technology. Whether you're in a quiet room or a noisy outdoor setting, the Zircon 2 R adapts to your environment, ensuring you never miss a moment.

Experience the future of hearing aids with the Oticon Zircon 2 R and step into a world of clear, natural sound.

Oticon Zircon 2 minirite R

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