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Introducing the Oticon Intent 3 Rechargeable Hearing Aids: A Leap Forward in Hearing Technology


Discover the future of hearing technology with the Oticon Intent 3 Rechargeable Hearing Aids, a groundbreaking advancement built on the esteemed Polaris platform that powered the previous Real series. With a processing power 2.5 times greater than its predecessors, the Intent 3 is engineered to transform your auditory experience.


Enhanced Listening with Cutting-Edge Technology


Oticon's deep neural network has undergone a significant upgrade to synergize with the world's first hearing motion sensor technology. This innovation allows users to concentrate effortlessly on what they are actively listening to, offering a truly personalized hearing experience. The Intent 3 is designed to understand your listening intentions, delivering customized sound adjustments that cater specifically to your hearing needs.


Superior Power for Extended Use


Say goodbye to frequent recharges with the Intent 3's transition from the 312 rechargeable battery to a more robust size 13 rechargeable battery. This enhancement not only extends wear time to over 20 hours per charge but also promises a remarkable overall battery lifetime of 5 to 7 years, ensuring that your hearing aids keep pace with your lifestyle without constant interruptions.


Connectivity Redefined


Experience seamless connectivity with upgraded Bluetooth featuring low energy consumption, ensuring your hearing aids are always ready to connect to your devices without draining power quickly. This future-proof technology makes the Intent 3 an ideal companion for modern living.


Unparalleled Sound Quality and Comfort


The Oticon Intent 3 sets a new standard with its 4D sensor technology, learning from your head and body movements to adapt your soundscape for optimal speech understanding in noise. With advancements such as the Sirius processing chip and Deep Neural Network 2.0, you'll enjoy enhanced sound quality, speech clarity, and efficient noise suppression. The extended frequency response up to 10 kHz promises a richer sound experience, elevating your listening comfort and sound quality to new heights.


A Comparison with Oticon Real


While Oticon Real laid the groundwork for solving key challenges for hearing aid wearers, the Intent 3 goes further, offering improvements in feedback suppression, sound-to-noise ratio, and the introduction of MoreSound intelligence technology. These upgrades provide a more nuanced soundscape, better speech understanding, and a significantly improved listening experience, especially in challenging environments.


Choosing Oticon Intent 3


For those already using Oticon Real, the Intent 3 might seem like a close successor, given that Real is only a year old. However, for anyone looking to upgrade their hearing aids, the Intent 3 offers compelling new features that significantly enhance hearing in challenging environments. With its focus on personalized hearing, advanced sensor technology, and superior connectivity, the Oticon Intent 3 is an investment in not just better hearing, but a better quality of life.




The Oticon Intent 3 Rechargeable Hearing Aids represent a significant leap forward in hearing technology, offering unparalleled sound quality, extended battery life, and cutting-edge features that adapt to your unique listening needs. Whether you're navigating a noisy environment or enjoying quiet moments, the Intent 3 is designed to provide the most personalized and comfortable listening experience possible. Explore the benefits of Oticon Intent 3 and hear the world like never before.

Oticon Intent 3 mini (RIC) R

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