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Introducing the Oticon Intent 1 Rechargeable Hearing Aids: A Leap Forward in Auditory Technology


Oticon Intent™ miniRITE comes in a discreet design and features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, telecoil and a single push-button. The hearing aid is built on the Sirius™ platform and powered by Oticon BrainHearing™ technology. With LE Audio and Bluetooth® Low Energy it supports hands-free communication and direct streaming for iPhone®, iPad®, Mac® and select Android™ devices. It comes with the miniFit Detect speaker system.


The charger unit is bundled with the rechargeable hearing instruments and will be added to your order at no additional cost.


Experience unparalleled hearing clarity with the latest innovation from Oticon: the Intent 1 Rechargeable Hearing Aids. Crafted on the advanced Polaris platform, which powered the esteemed Real series, the Intent 1 sets new standards in hearing aid technology. With processing power boosted by 2.5 times compared to its predecessors, this device ensures that every sound is captured with unmatched precision.


The Intent 1 harnesses the power of Oticon's enhanced deep neural network, now synergized with the world's first hearing motion sensor technology. This groundbreaking integration allows users to zero in on the sounds they wish to focus on, revolutionizing the way we interact with our auditory environment. The device's smart sensor and directionality technology utilize 4D sensor technology, adapting to your head and body movements to optimize your soundscape for improved speech understanding in noise-laden scenarios.


Battery life is no longer a concern, as the Intent 1 transitions from the 312 rechargeable battery to a more robust size 13 rechargeable battery. This upgrade extends wear time to over 20 hours on a single charge, with a battery lifespan ranging from 5 to 7 years, ensuring you're always connected to your world without interruption. Additionally, the device's Bluetooth capabilities have been refined to feature low-energy consumption, ensuring efficient and seamless connectivity.


Launched in February 2024, a year following the release of the Oticon Real, the Intent 1 not only draws from its predecessor's strengths but elevates the hearing aid experience to new heights. The introduction of Sirius processing chip and DNN 2.0, alongside the MoreSound intelligence technology and MoreSound Amplifier 3.0, the Intent 1 delivers exceptional sound quality, clarity, and noise suppression efficiency. These features promise an enriched auditory experience with a broader frequency response, ranging from 80 Hz to 10 kHz, allowing wearers to enjoy a fuller, more nuanced soundscape.


The Oticon Intent 1 also marks a significant improvement in the sound-to-noise ratio (SNR), offering a 1 to 5 dB increase over the Oticon Real. This enhancement translates into a remarkable uplift in speech understanding, listening comfort, sound quality, and access to speech cues, ensuring a superior hearing experience even in the most challenging environments.


While Oticon Real made its mark with excellent wind cancellation and sudden sound control, Intent 1 broadens its horizon with more advanced features like spatial balance and neural noise suppression, particularly evident in its highest performance levels. These innovations make the Intent 1 an ideal choice for individuals seeking support in noisy settings or those prioritizing speech understanding.


In conclusion, while the Oticon Real remains a potent device for managing hearing loss, the Oticon Intent 1 emerges as a compelling upgrade for those looking to enhance their hearing capabilities. With its advanced sensor technology, extended battery life, improved Bluetooth connectivity, and superior sound processing, the Intent 1 is designed to offer a truly personalized and immersive listening experience. Whether you're navigating the complexity of noisy environments or simply enjoying the subtle sounds of nature, the Oticon Intent 1 Rechargeable Hearing Aids promise to transform your auditory perception, making every moment clearer and more meaningful.

Oticon Intent 1 mini (RIC) R

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