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Maximize your hearing aid's performance with our premium Size 13 Hearing Aid Batteries, available in a convenient 6-pack box totaling 60 batteries. Each battery is meticulously designed to provide reliable, long-lasting power to your hearing devices, ensuring you stay connected to the sounds of life without interruption.

Our Size 13 batteries are universally compatible with all hearing aids that require size 13 batteries, making them a versatile choice for many users. The easy-to-handle packaging is designed with accessibility in mind, featuring a rotary dial and a secure, yet straightforward, method to extract each battery. This reduces the risk of dropping or losing them, providing a hassle-free experience for individuals with dexterity challenges.

The batteries are color-coded with the industry-standard orange tab, making identification quick and simple. This feature eliminates confusion and ensures you're using the right battery size for your hearing aid. Additionally, our batteries are zinc-air powered, a technology known for its high energy density which translates into longer life and consistent power output throughout the battery's life cycle.

Each battery comes with a protective tab that preserves freshness until you're ready to use it. Simply remove the tab, and the battery is activated, ready to power your hearing aid with peak efficiency.

Our 6-pack boxes are economically packaged in a set of 10, giving you a total of 60 batteries. This bulk option not only provides excellent value but also ensures you always have a fresh supply on hand, reducing the need for frequent purchases.

Choose our Size 13 Hearing Aid Batteries for dependable performance and the convenience of having ample supply at your fingertips. Experience the difference in your hearing aid's performance today.

Batteries 13 (60 cells)

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