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Do you accept insurance and how do I file a claim?

Ensuring everyone has access to quality hearing care is our top priority, which is why we're proud to announce that we accept all insurances. Our commitment to providing comprehensive support has led us to partner with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, serving as preferred providers to bring you the best possible care and convenience.

To make your experience even smoother, we offer an easy way for you to check your insurance coverage directly from our website—absolutely free of charge. This allows you to quickly see if you have coverage for our services and understand the extent of your benefits without any hassle.

Additionally, when you choose to purchase a pair of hearing aids through us, we'll submit your insurance claim on your behalf for free. Our goal is to streamline the process, making it as straightforward and worry-free as possible for you.

Getting started is simple. Just navigate to the top menu of our website and click on the "Insurance Verification" tab. Once there, fill out the form with your details, and leave the rest to us. We'll handle the paperwork and ensure everything is in order for your coverage.

At Nova Hearing Centers, we believe in making hearing care accessible and stress-free for everyone. Visit us online today to explore how we can assist you in your journey to clearer hearing, supported every step of the way by our insurance handling services.

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