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Signia Silk Charge & Go 3 iX w/ Charger    

Discover Unparalleled Clarity with Signia Silk 3 IX Invisible Hearing Aids


Elevate your hearing experience with the Signia Silk 3 IX, the epitome of discreet auditory enhancement. Designed to nestle perfectly within your ear canal, these invisible hearing aids offer an unmatched blend of comfort and advanced technology, making them an ideal choice for those seeking both performance and invisibility.


Key Features:

  • Ultra-Discreet Design: The Signia Silk 3 IX is crafted to be invisible to the outside world, allowing you to enjoy enhanced hearing without the aesthetic concerns of traditional hearing aids. Perfect for those who prioritize discretion.
  • Size 10 Battery for Extended Use: Equipped with a size 10 battery, these hearing aids are designed for longevity and reliability. Enjoy prolonged periods of uninterrupted, superior sound quality without the constant need for recharging.
  • Advanced Sound Technology: Experience crystal-clear sound in any environment, thanks to Signia's cutting-edge technology. Whether you're in a noisy cafe or a quiet room, the Silk 3 IX adjusts to provide optimal hearing.
  • Instant Fit: With no need for custom molds, the Signia Silk 3 IX offers an immediate, comfortable fit thanks to its flexible silicone sleeves. This means you can start enjoying better hearing right out of the box.
  • TouchControl App: Adjust your hearing aids discreetly and with ease using the Signia TouchControl App. This intuitive app transforms your smartphone into a remote control for your hearing aids, allowing for seamless adjustments on the go.



  • Boost Your Confidence: With its invisible design, the Signia Silk 3 IX lets you feel more confident in social situations, knowing your hearing aid won't draw unwanted attention.
  • Enjoy Natural Sound Quality: Signia's advanced technology delivers sound that's as natural as possible, enhancing your hearing without compromising on quality.
  • Ease of Use: The size 10 battery and immediate fit design make the Signia Silk 3 IX incredibly user-friendly, even for those new to hearing aids.


Why Choose Signia Silk 3 IX?


The Signia Silk 3 IX stands out as a superior choice for those seeking an invisible, high-performance hearing aid. Combining discretion with advanced sound technology, it offers a hearing experience that is as close to natural as possible. Whether you're looking to improve your hearing in challenging environments or simply want a hearing aid that won't interfere with your lifestyle, the Signia Silk 3 IX is designed to meet your needs.


Embrace the Sound of Life with Signia Silk 3 IX.

Signia Silk Charge & Go 3 iX w/ Charger

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