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A Veteran-Owned Hearing Aid Center

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Nova Hearing Center is an independent hearing aid and hearing protection retailer with its flagship office located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Our specialists are licensed in Virginia and North Carolina, allowing us to help people on both sides of the state line.

Our goal is to provide affordable premium hearing solutions without the standard markup offered by “big box” retailers. Many hearing aid centers throughout Hampton Roads and Northeast NC have to significantly mark up their hearing devices to pay for franchise fees, provider networks, corporate overhead and more. As an independent hearing aid practice, we have none of those costs, and we can pass the savings on to you. We're a locally-owned company determined to give our neighbors more affordable hearing solutions.

John Schaeffer

Owner, licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist

John has hearing loss as a result from his time served with the Marines in Iraq. His father, who is also a veteran, has hearing loss that was caused from an injury during his service as well. John's experience with his own hearing loss, and seeing what his father faced, inspired him to find a way to make things better for people with hearing loss. The more he learned about the hearing industry, the more he started to see ways he could improve patient care and set better prices. That's why he started Nova Hearing Center, so he can help those with hearing loss through affordable care.

John has been involved in medicine for his entire professional life. First he served as a combat medic, then as an EMT. Now, with Nova Hearing, he's able to improve people's lives every day through better hearing.

Rebecca McCarthy

Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist

Rebecca has worked in the hearing industry for years, spending much of her career in practices affiliated with large national brands. But she never felt right working in that environment because she was expected to sell as many hearing aids as possible instead of focusing on her patients actual needs. That contradicts who she is and what she wants to do. With a background in hearing and speech sciences, Rebecca is passionate about making sure her patients understand their hearing and their options.

Rebecca and John were colleagues at a previous practice. When John decided to start Nova Hearing Center, Rebecca was thrilled to be able to join him. Nova Hearing Center lets her take her time educating patients, selecting the right hearing aids for them, and never being forced into a "sales pitch" approach. She loves seeing what a difference hearing aids make for her patients.

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